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I'm 17, a black girl, I'm a very blunt person, I'll tell you what I mean upfront. I hate when people beat around the bush. I'm in love with love itself even though I never actually had it. I'm just a normal girl, looking for a boy.


Hair Goal Motivation! Ugh so pretty!

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What is this from?

The Tomorrow People. Astrid and Stephen are just friends. She hardly makes an appearance these days.

See this is why I have trust issues then. Damn done got me excited for nothin. lol


the worst is having a dream where someone loves you and you can practically feel them touching you and it feels so real and then you wake up and it’s like the life is being sucked out of you and the happiness just drains out of your body and you feel empty again

I can still see his face. I love this ^^^ so much.

That fufu lame shit I ain’t with it. I’ll send some shots at your fitted. Gratata . Swag .

The oh so wise Bryan Silva (via relevxntxx)






i’m gone








i’m gone




It grosses me out to see old white folks on TV talking up their former mob connections when there are rappers out there who haven’t done dirt for YEARS still being put under the microscope for dropping a rhyme about moving a brick of hypothetical yayo


We all have that one awkward couple at school

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Anonymous said: i have alwayyyyys wanted to try a black girllll ;)



so go find one & bang the shit out of her


I hate people who say they want to “try a black girl,” it’s not Baskin Robin’s, you don’t just get to sample a person. Learn some fucking manners.



Your regular voice vs your proper voice.

such a Nola girl

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My first job was my dream job as a sales associate at Hot Topic. For the most part it was a pretty cool job, I was the only WoC there but there was another black boy (for stories sake his name is Jay). My boss (store manager her name is Kayla) was a white girl who, at the time, I thought was the coolest person alive. We liked the same music, she introduced me to different bands and shows and artists. On the surface she seemed like a dream boss, then there was the assistant store manager (her name is Sarah). She was a hatin’ ass white bitch and the rudest mother fucker I’ve ever worked with, she was one of those ‘otaku’ types and was an adamant cosplayer. She was on Japan’s dick 24/7  and claimed that she only dates men that fit the embodiment of her fav anime character at the time (she’s not really important to the story I just hated her ass for obvious reasons).

So one day Jay offered to give me a ride because at the time my mom was having car troubles. So me and Jay get to work and were greeted by Sarah, she was saying some shit that no one cared about then she mentioned dreads and Kayla. This peaked my interest because I’d never seen a white person with dreads before. After Sarah left I started talking to Jay about his opinion and he was visibly upset and told me he’d talk to me about it later. A few hours later Kayla comes in, and my excitement to see her hair turned into PURE DISGUST. She had 4-6 giant mats on her head that looked like a sewer rats asshole and smelled even worse. I was in pure and utter shock. All the other dreads (well locs) that I had seen were so beautiful and glorious and well kept, and most importantly they smelled just as good as they looked.

I asked her what made her want to get ‘dreads’ and she said that she got tired of doing her hair and figured this was a way to go. She said it seems easy because so many other black people do it. Jay wasn’t to far from us when he heard that, and he EXPLODED. He stormed out, and I went with him because he was my ride home. When we got in his car I asked him what that was about and he basically explained how his family (mother, sisters and father all have dreads) and how white people always talk shit about their hair and how dirty it is, but don’t know how much care actually goes into having dreads. Then when they pull nasty shit like that and say ‘black people’ inspired them to do it because of how low maintenance dreads are it boils his blood. He then told me how he used to have dreads and when he left for college some fuck boys cut his hair and how traumatic it was. From that day forward I’ve always, and will continue to, side eye non-blacks with dreads. Just because they will never know that struggle of having them and seeing it basically get shit on by everyone.

That was just my 2c on why I hate non-blacks wearing dreads.


Disney’s Women of Color + hair appreciation

I guess you ain’t really hungry then.

A response from the home owner, usually a parent or grandparent, when one rejects their undesirable food options. African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition (via blackproverbs)

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